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Mission Statement

At Star Security Group, our mission is to uphold the highest standards of safety and security by providing top-tier, comprehensive security solutions across our regions, including our new office in Senegal. We are dedicated to empowering our clients through rigorous training programs and reliable placement services, ensuring that each member of our security personnel is not only highly trained but also perfectly matched to meet the specific security needs of our diverse clientele. Our commitment extends beyond simple protection; we aim to foster a safer environment where businesses and communities, both local and international, can thrive. Guided by trust, integrity, and professionalism. 


Our vision is to be the most trusted leader in security services by consistently exceeding our clients’ expectations. We aim to innovate and expand our expertise across all sectors, becoming the go-to provider for those who value integrity, professionalism, and a proactive approach to complex security challenges.

International Vision

Our vision is to set the benchmark for security excellence on a global scale, starting with our strategic expansion in Senegal. We are dedicated to specializing in high-stakes environments such as airport security, onshore oil platforms, maritime safety, and the protection of diplomatic structures. Through our commitment to this vision, we seek to ensure the utmost safety and peace of mind for our clients and their operations, fostering a secure and prosperous environment in Senegal and beyond.

Industry Segments that We Serve

Corporate Protection

New York City holds some 450 million square feet of office space, with 10 million additional square feet planned by 2018. That means an increase in tenants and visitors in buildings, and with this comes an increasing need for company protection.

From ground-level, single-business occupancy to corporate headquarters filled with hundreds of employees, Star Security can manage all aspects of your safety so that you can take care of your business.​

Retail Stores

New York is the retail sales capital of the world, and with that comes the reality of shoplifting, which costs retailers across the nation in excess of $14 billion each year.

From single storefronts to malls to shops in luxury hotels, Star Security’s loss-prevention strategies include uniformed and plainclothes security guards, visible and hidden CCTV systems, and exit inspections to help minimize theft and increase your return on investment.​

Government Agencies

The New York Metropolitan area is home to hundreds of government agencies that employ thousands of people. Each of these buildings, offices, and workers deserves a safe, secure infrastructure that is vital to help keep the government operating smoothly.

Star Security’s professional services include a complete security evaluation of your physical environment and needs, lobby security, and licensed professionals who are expertly trained to watch, guard, and protect your agency.

Construction Site Protection

Construction sites attract a particular set of security challenges for developers and crews. Star Security works with you to keep your workers and job sites safe while reducing the opportunity for break-ins, sabotage, and theft.

Our deployment of expertly trained guards will help in optimizing your construction process, minimizing unnecessary physical and financial loss, and keeping you on schedule and budget.​

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